Virtual.   Reality.   Virtually no difference.   Bring teams and talent together. Sell your ideas, your products, yourself — without the plane ticket.   Virtually anything is possible. The reality?   Positive ROI.

Better Communication. Better Meetings. Today.
Successful companies are people-centric, not location
specific. They bring the best talent together, they reach
out to customers and do it efficiently — wherever they
are, whenever they’re available. Group Unity was created
to help businesses use efficient communication to drive
business success. We help bring your teams together.
We help you find, influence, and support your customers.
With over 30 services on offer — from instant conference
calls to webcasting to effective meeting training, we're
your one source.

               Group Unity  makes for better meetings.

What do we provide?
Over 30 services within: Audioconferencing • Webconferencing • Videoconferencing • Webcasting & Streaming • Meeting Facilitators • Innovation Consultants • Effective Meeting Courses

Why Group Unity?
Honest advice • Breadth and selection • Great prices • Focus on effective communication • Relationship sale • Help companies big and small • Focus on ease of use • Business ideas • Cut through the jargon • Process, tech & education • One stop shopping • Domestic & international • Trusted meeting advisor • Non-profit discounts -- with so many reasons, why not Group Unity?